The state’s oldest public university. Now what?

As the state’s oldest public university since 1831, The University of Alabama cherishes a rich and storied history that has propelled us into a future where our institution is respected nationwide. The University of Alabama was created as a “seminary of learning” for the newly formed state. By 1871, enrollment was 75 students; by 1901, nearly 400. Now, more than a century later, UA enrolls more than 38,000 students, the largest student body in University history.

Then and now

Our rich history is an important part of our story to be sure; our past has shaped and molded the reputation we enjoy today.

However, our story does not hinge on legacy and tradition — this is just one aspect of our storytelling opportunity. The UA story is as much about our strength of innovation and future vision as it is about where we’ve come from. The resources provided in this Brand Portal will assist you in constructing your message through the University’s on-brand storylines. Sometimes a nod to legacy, tradition and history is a perfect vessel to state your case, while other times it’s a different choice entirely.

We honor the past, seize the day and look to the future.