Presidential Seal

The presidential seal is used by the Office of the President and for official UA documents.

The seal is permitted to be used in the following colors:

  • Black
  • PMS 201 Crimson
  • Silver
  • White
  • Gold

The use of the gold seal is limited to special documents only and requires approval from the Office of the President.

University of Alabama presidential seal logos.

College Seals

Individual college seals should be used as secondary¬†to the Official or Capstone A logo specifically made for your college to keep uniformity. Your individual seal can be used as a “bug” in the top or bottom right or left corner of a printed or web piece, and must be approved by Strategic Communications. A college seal cannot be displayed larger than the school/department identifier or The University of Alabama logo.

University of Alabama seal logos.

Where Legends Are Made Campaign

The University of Alabama Where Legends Are Made campaign marks should be used in any instance where the campaign is formally referenced or communicated. All usage of Where Legends Are Made must be approved in advance by the Division of Strategic Communications. The logos and/or verbiage are not to be altered. The logos have been registered by our Trademark Licensing office and must carry the registration marks.

University of Alabama legends logo.


University of Alabama legends logo.


University of Alabama legends logo.


Anniversary Logos

Departments celebrating quarterly anniversaries (i.e., 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th, etc.) will be permitted to have a customized anniversary logo. Non-quarterly anniversaries (i.e., 30th, 27th, 45th, etc.) may be celebrated and noted in copy or with a tagline, but a logo may not be created for those events. Please contact the Design & Production department in the Division of Strategic Communications at least six months before the anniversary begins with requests to modify the approved anniversary logos for your specific college. All anniversary logos must be created or approved by Strategic Communications.

Logos for anniversaries are temporary and must have a designated start and end date for their usage. Anniversary logos are not meant to replace the UA or departmental identifiers, but to be used in conjunction with those primary logos.



There is one approved elephant graphic that is open to usage by all departments. That is not to say other elephant graphics cannot be used, but rather, the elephant silhouette below has reached approval status. For elephant graphics not formally approved, ensure the elephant’s trunk is pointed upward.

All usage of Big Al and other Athletic-related marks must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office within the Athletic Department. Departments on campus should request permission in advance to use Big Al through the Director of Brand Strategy at Please allow for adequate time to have the request reviewed with the Trademark Licensing Office. Once the design concept is approved by Trademark Licensing, the high res version of the logo will be provided. This logo cannot be modified in any way.

Approved UA elephant mascot (red).


Student Organization Logos

Student organizations officially recognized by The Source may design their own logo, but the organization must have the logo approved by the Divisions of Strategic Communications and Student Life.

To submit a logo for approval, please email Jennifer Rodrigues at

Student organizations are assigned to a tier (1-4) by The Source, and based on the tiers may be able to utilize official UA marks on their materials and/or promotional items. Student organization information can be found under Student Organization Trademark Licensing Guidelines.

There are additional guidelines for sport clubs organized and managed by students. Please review the logo guidelines for Sport Clubs.