Our colors, fonts and structure should all be unique to our brand — and should be consistent across all channels. When our students, alumni and friends see a consistent presence from our brand, it reinforces our unique position in their minds. By knowing what they can expect from our brand, they begin to assign a higher value and trust in UA. A consistent, unified brand identity has many benefits.

Typography is important in communication. The University of Alabama maintains a high standard in how we manage and maintain our brand image through type.

Minion Pro and Trade Gothic are the two officially approved UA typefaces that allow flexibility through a multitude of typestyles. Both fonts offer Open Type formats allowing for use on Macs as well as PCs and Web Font formats for optimum display on digital media.

Fonts are to be purchased by individual departments. Each member of the font family can be purchased separately or as needed to save on costs. Please contact your tech support group to help with installation.

Shown here are examples of the two types of fonts: serif and sans serif, as well as examples of equal point size to visualize how type in different styles and shapes can work together.

Typography Examples.


Typography Examples.


Typography Examples.