The University of Alabama brand is a strong and internationally recognized brand. The brand should be incorporated and leveraged in all materials in a consistent and concise way that leaves no question that the unit is officially part of The University of Alabama. Every unit on campus has a standard identifier that is considered the logo. If a program, center, lab, department, etc., needs an identifier or requires different color variations, one can be requested at:

Occasionally, units have a need or desire to promote specific programs, events or initiatives. In lieu of every UA unit creating its own unique logo, and thus diluting the power of UA’s brand equity and recognition, the Division of Strategic Communications may approve a design element that can be used on marketing/advertising materials. The design element cannot include the name of the unit or The University of Alabama and thus taking on the look of a unique and permanent logo. When a design element is used, the unit’s official identifier must also be included prominently, and the two graphics must be placed with adequate spacing so they do not look like a combined logo.

The design element cannot appear on official UA stationery such as letterhead, envelopes and business cards. It can be used on promo/swag items, but the official identifier is also required on the item. The design element cannot be included on materials that are part of an external sponsorship. Only a department identifier or a general UA logo can be used for external sponsorships.

As time permits, UA’s Department of Design and Production within Strategic Communications can assist with creating a design element. Departments can work with other designers to create a mark, but it must be approved by UA’s Director of Brand Strategy. For more information, email


Examples of design elements properly utilized with a standard identifier.



Examples of how NOT to combine a design element & identifier.