Master Narrative

The UA Story

At The University of Alabama, we stand center on a national and international stage as a flagship leader in education, rooted in a championship tradition. Brick by brick and through the ages, we build upon our firm foundation to instill highest standards of excellence and a spirit of determination that educate and embolden the generations. We create future leaders within our walls, so together we can remain a powerhouse of influence beyond them.

Not everyone has what it takes to lead and leave a legacy. Greatness takes hard work, grit and perseverance. At The University of Alabama, our faculty and students have in common a commitment to exceed expectations. When they reach their potential, they dig in deeper and keep going. We think forward to future needs, maintain relevance in changing times and invent distinctive solutions that build vibrant communities and worldwide impact.

Our commitment to progress is the lifeblood of who we are. We do not shy away from innovation, and we don’t take shortcuts. Instead we hold ourselves accountable to our state, nation and world to deliver transformative change, because it is in part our responsibility to move the world forward.

As storied as our legacy is, this is only the beginning. At The University of Alabama, we carry on our competitive spirit through a relentless determination to achieve. We know where we have been. We know where we are going. We empower a community of continuing excellence to lead us there. At the desk and on the field, in the community and abroad, we greet challenges with power, pride, resilience and innovation to make significant contributions that set the standard.

This is The University of Alabama. Where legends are made.