Where Legends Are Made

Where Legends Are Made

The Where Legends Are Made campaign is about the past, present and future of The University of Alabama. It speaks to the aspirations of our students and their parents, to the pride of our alumni and donors, and to the devotion of our legions of fans in our state, across the nation and around the globe. It highlights our successes and the legacy we will continue to build upon.

Brand campaign launch

Where Legends Are Made is a superlative expression of The University of Alabama’s brand personality and messaging strategy. The campaign establishes the UA brand and serves as the foundation for brand expression for years to come.

The campaign’s approach of highlighting influential alumni is a sterling example of how UA’s power and influence make an impact on the world. There is a clear grit and tenacity to many of the stories featured in the campaign’s debut vignettes. The campaign’s alumni focus affords virtually unlimited opportunities to tailor campaign content to various storylines depending on the goal.

Where Legends Are Made will continue to evolve as we highlight our award-winning faculty for their groundbreaking research and excellence in teaching and service. Our values of strength, leadership, tenacity, hard work and innovation — to name a few — can be elevated by featuring the progressive and inventive work of our alumni and faculty who embody these ideals.

The Legends campaign serves as UA’s benchmark for on-brand expression and leads the way for future adaptations.

Learn more about our legends at ua.edu/legends.