Who is The University of Alabama?

In 2016-17, The University of Alabama partnered with Carnegie Dartlet to come to a precise understanding of UA’s identity (definition of self) and how best to convey it (storytelling). Carnegie Dartlet led consensus-driven research with stakeholders on campus to define The University of Alabama’s personality and positioning strategy. These workshops included faculty, staff, students, alumni and senior leaders. Carnegie Dartlet’s proprietary research methods focus on defining the human personality of the institution, and translating these insights into effective storytelling. This messaging deliverable is the culmination of rigorous, collaborative work to discover and define The University of Alabama’s true sense of self, and create a master narrative for decades to come.


How We Know

  • 12 Live Workshops
  • 1 Online Workshop
  • 1,060 Participants

Carnegie Dartlet facilitated in-depth dialogue with 1,060 diverse stakeholders of The University of Alabama — faculty, staff, students, alumni and leadership — to find out what the authentic personality and story of The University of Alabama is at its best. These interactions were not brief “check the box” sessions, but comprehensive 2.5-hour collaborative discussions consisting of interpersonal conversation, group deliberation and quantitative measurement. In summer 2017, Carnegie Dartlet revealed the results of the workshops and research and unveiled UA’s authentic personality and story. Videos of the brand reveal and a brand training session can be accessed by UA faculty and staff through UABox links located on the Resources/Downloads tab.


The University of Alabama’s Brand Personality



What It Means

From Fact-Land to Storytelling

Traditional university communications operations place maximum value on information accuracy and credibility over story. However, as reputation performance and societal norms demand even more personal communications, many institutional marketing operations have elected for a story-driven content strategy to meet market expectations with better results.

Consistent Storytelling Builds Reputation

A precise understanding of The University of Alabama’s identity allows the institution to get out of fact-land and communicate with a compelling and consistent message. When UA’s authentic personality solution is applied over time, marketing messages will align and audiences of all types will perceive The University of Alabama authentically. UA will grow in reputation and recognition and become more competitive regionally and nationally.

Storytelling is For Everyone

If you are a writer, designer, web programmer, content strategist, photographer, videographer or any other creative staff at The University of Alabama, you can and should apply UA’s authentic personality to all subsequent University communications. If you are a staff, faculty or community representative of UA, you too can consistently communicate UA’s personality when speaking with prospective students and the wider community.

The University of Alabama has a unique story to tell and a reputation to build and protect.

Let’s make every effort count.