Brand 101

Brand = Reputation.

Human personality is the secret.



Our brand is our reputation and our core values. This philosophy places human psychology at the center of organizational brand-building. The most potent brands have the clearest sense of Self. The key is to define who The University of Alabama is and align all communications around this authentic human personality.

Over many months of intensive internal and external research involving 3,459 total voices, The University of Alabama has clearly and accurately defined its institutional identity. These outcomes are described in detail throughout this Brand Portal in the form of brand personality and its translation into messaging and storytelling. Your objective as a UA ambassador is to understand these foundational outcomes and learn to apply them in your daily life as a stakeholder speaking on behalf of the brand.


You are an Ambassador

So what about brand marketing? Brand marketing is when we express UA’s personality in a compelling way to achieve specific results. This approach to storytelling informs all levels of organizational planning and communications by compelling the organization to unify and work together. Through UA’s integrated brand strategy, we intentionally engage our audiences with a consistent personality. This is not a “rubber stamp” approach where we all recite the same words. Instead, it’s about understanding the spirit of the University and translating your own evidence and experiences accurately through UA’s brand personality. This is how reputation is built over time.

By presenting our brand authentically, we can positively and accurately influence how people think and feel about our University. Our brand is living and breathing, and you help us give it life.